In Bern, we are not (at this point) forming another congregation, but rather have created a Chalice Circle, that is a small group of individuals who gather once per month.

Usually, one person sets a theme, chooses an opening and a closing reading, and hosts the meeting.  The others are invited to bring questions, songs, thoughts, objects, reading, images, or anything else to create a collective spiritual space.  The service is a mix of discussion, silence, listening, and reflection in an improvisational format.   No one is required to do anything besides respect the other members but everyone is invited to contribute to and help shape the service.  Up until now, we have held all of our services in English, but multilingualism is welcome.  We are currently working our way through the UU principles, below, to create a foundation of a shared understanding.

 Does this sound interesting to you? Please join one of our upcoming events.  We usually meet either the last Friday at 5:30 pm or the first Sunday at 11 am. We try to meet once per month “cusp”.  


Past Meetings: