Currently, we are meeting at Güterstrasse 8, the home of the Warmbaechli Cooperative, when the weather is not perfect and at the Friedbühlanlage park when we can meet outside. In the summer, after the meeting, we have been gathering at the Brache bus stop bar for socializing. This could change in the future, so do check back!

Friedbühlanlage Park:

It is the park at the end of the 11 bus line (Holligen stop) that is on the corner of cemetary that borders the round about between the cemetary and the hospital.  If we are not right at the etch, just step behind the first row of trees and bushes and look for the flaming chalice and friendly people.

Warmbächli Cooperative:

To find us, come up the steps and through the door and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  Walk through the building and find us in the small meeting room across from the kitchen and near the couches.  The door is lock on the weekends and after 18h, so make sure you have a phone number.